Feb 16, 2011

"We Don't Need No, Education.. HEY! TEACHER! Leave Those Kids Alone..."

I just read an article on Yahoo! about a Pennsylvania teacher who blogged about her school and students; complaining that they were lazy,impatient and overall rude. Blaming parents for being more of friends then disciplinarians. Now, the fact of whether or not the blog was innapprioriate is questionable. Being as she never stated her full name, names of her students or her school, and the blog was intended for family and friends. When put like that I honestly, don't see anything wrong with it? Just because she is a teacher is she not allowed to comment on her life. Then again, I guess if you worked for the Pentagon or CIA you can't start a blog and talk about how rough you day at work was either, BUT she is a teacher not a government agent. My questions out there isn't so much was her blog right or wrong...but whether what she is saying is true or not?

I feel the lines of what she is saying are blurry, especially since I am not a black and white kind of person.. I see things in the grey..kind of like that quote from "The Last Kiss".
"Life is pretty much in the grays for the most part and if you insist always on black and white... you are going to be very unhappy."
Anyways, Do I think there are students who overall are just plain lazy, impatient and overall rude? YES.
Do I think that SOME parents try to be friends instead of disciplinarians? YES
But however, I think there are a lot of kids who get grouped into this bunch, when really there teacher isn't tapping into the students, needs; and this is where it gets blurry again. Some teachers JUST down right suck. I had a teacher who once said " more than half the class is failing, you guys need to work harder" This wasn't an overly active class, this wasn't a class full of rude, lazy, impatient students. She was just a bad teacher. She didn't listen when we said we didn't understand or she was going too fast. So, over half the class failed.. I have had teachers who are middle grade. They inspire some students and others not some much. Perhaps the teaching style just connects with some students and not others. Then there are teachers who really inspire there whole class. Point is, students learn differently, but we are clumped together and we are taught the same way. It is the teachers job to inspire and make there students want to learn, yes. But what can they all can't teach in a way to personalize it for each student they receive. At least not in the way, the class system is set up now. Which is why I think teachers, like the one that blogged are frustrated. THEN again she can be one of those HORRIBLE teachers who just blames her students and doesn't look at herself and er teaching skills.

I was one of those students that could of been categorized as lazy, impatient and rude. It's just for me, I am more of a hands on learner. I also, just like to go out and find out for myself. Learn the hard way I guess, but that works better for me. In class I usually just got easily bored.. if I couldn't catch on right away, I would tune out, if I already learned it, my attention was somewhere else, or if it was something that I deemed boring to learn. i.e. Math.  Some schools and some states are now doing programs that regularly test kids to see how they learn and then place them in classes, or groups based on that and those schools and states have proven to have higher success rates. So.. Why don't we have that has the new standard way to teach? Why don't we choose the way that helps ALL of our kids? I don't understand that.

Jan 31, 2011

Rest In Peace, Sierra

7/4/2002 - 1/31/2011
Sierra wasn't just my dog, she was my best friend. I loved her, and always will love her with all of my heart. She was an amazing best friend and I will never forget her. She can, and will never be replaced. She will be missed dearly by all who knew her. I am so thankful that I was able to be present during her time of death. Sierra was so calm and brave during the entire process. I am so proud of her, she is so strong. I love you princess.

Sierra was put to sleep January 31st at 12:10 AM. She had been extremely ill a few months prior to this awful day. My mother got a hold of me Friday afternoon saying that Sierra might have cancer. With me phone right next to me every second for updates, Kelsey and I went to sleep Friday night. Saturday morning, Kelsey decided to make a trip to see Sierra before she got any worse and possible be put down. I didn't want to go because I wanted to remember her when she was healthy and I didn't think I would be able to handle seeing her that sick. Kelsey eventually convinced me to go up north with her.

We arrived in San Jose Saturday evening and spent the night with Sierra. She was not doing well at all. She was extremely ill, skinny, and refusing to eat absolutely anything. We talked about putting her to sleep because we felt she was suffering, but some of the family wanted to wait just a little longer. Sunday, Kelsey and I packed up to leave for Southern California. Feeling sad and guilty, I decided to call my boss to ask for Monday off to spend just one more night with my dog. With ease, my boss did not care that I took off Monday, so we decided to stay with Sierra.

Sierra actually seemed to be doing better. She was somewhat eating, and she was fairly responsive. That was a good sign. Kelsey and I decided to get ready for bed around 9:00 PM so I got Sierra's leash to take her for a walk to go to the bathroom before bed time. She was excited to go outside, so everything seemed fine. She ended up going to the bathroom, and as she was walking, she stumbled a little and then caught her balance for a split second. After that, she collapsed. I immediately picked her up, held her and tried to get some kind of response from her. She looked at me dazed and confused, and then her head dropped. I thought she died right there in my arms. I ran with her in my arms, back to the house to explain what happened to my mom and Kelsey. In result, we concluded that she passed out, and had a stroke.

Sierra, by this time has gained her conscientious but was still very confused and weak. She just stood there looking at all of us so very confused. We sat down there in the entry way with her and held her. Kelsey called the rest of the family to get them to come over and soon after, we found our way heading to the veterinarian emergency room. After talking with the doctor for a little while, he gave us his opinion.

He said she indeed did have some kind of mass on or around her spleen and the chances of that to be cancerous are very high. We had an option of surgery that was thousands of dollars and with only a 5% chance that it does any help at all. The reality of this situation is that Sierra was too fragile for the surgery and since she was nine years old, that wasn't on our odds either. The doctor proceeded to say that we were not making the wrong decision to stop her suffering then and there.

After a hour or so of a very emotional goodbye, my best friend, Sierra was put to sleep with no more suffering at 12:10 AM of January 31st 2011. I am so very proud of her, she was extremely brave, and now she is at rest with no more pain or suffering. I love her so very much and I will never forget her. Rest in Peace, Sierra.

Jan 22, 2011

BLT 1/7 returns home to smiles, cheers

By Diane Durden , Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms
MARINE CORPS AIR GROUND COMBAT CENTER TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif., — The excitement of the crowd continued to build as someone shouted, “They’re at KFC on the highway.” Families and friends gathered at the Del Valle soccer field Jan. 6-8, 2011, to welcome home the Marines and sailors of Battalion Landing Team 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 31st Marine Expeditionalry Unit.

During the last eight months, BLT 1/7 conducted training with allied nations, honed and utilized their amphibious assault skills and conducted humanitarian and disaster relief missions.

“We were able to train together as a battalion to be an amphibious battalion,” said battalion commander Lt. Col. Todd Simmons of the unit’s successful deployment. “The ability to do that really shows the strength and leadership of the NCOs.”

After the Philippines was devasted by Super Typhoon Juan, BLT 1/7 stepped in to provide humanitarian assistance.

Jan 21, 2011

The Lost Book Reports: History Nerd Alert

The Lost Book Reports: History Nerd Alert: "This is the perfect book to review at this time, since I am currently doing research on my family as well as my fiance's. I read this book ..."

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