Jun 28, 2010

Excessive Bumper Stickers

We all have a lot to say.. but REALLY? I want to just say before I rant on, that people from BOTH sides do it, I am not attacking one specific side in this post. This is merely from my personal experience at work.

So, today at work I helped out a lady to her car with her groceries. As we approached her car, I thought to myself: "oh shit.. is that HER car? The one with at least 20 bumper stickers" Of course, it was.. As I was "helping" her -SIDEBAR- Courtesy clerks ask "Would you like any help outside?" Not "Would you like me to do that for you because you are a lazy motherfucker?" Anyways, she was standing there watching me put her groceries in her car's trunk. I tried to read as many stickers as possible out of curiosity. Honestly, I stopped reading them after these two: "Proud to be a Democrat" and, (what really pissed me off) "Want a better country? Fire Republicans!" Can I just say this first.. As I am standing there in 100 degree whether (not complaining) working my ass off, she is standing there watching me put HER groceries in HER car.. She is the Democrat.. I am the Republican.. Now, you will say "that's only one person/Democrat".. Well to be honest, that is not the only Democrat with many bumper stickers who I have "helped" out, sorry. Overall, it is extremely immature and childish. You almost want to feel bad for that person, but then you eventually come to your senses and agree that the world is better without them.

Jun 27, 2010

Dear Perez Hilton....

Keep Your Mouth Shut, If You Have No Fucking Clue what You're Talking About...

If you don't know who Perez Hilton is (no he's not Paris Hilton's brother)... his is a gossip blogger. He made himself famous for having juicy gossip on the celebs first and being pretty blunt and scrutinizing of them. Which made him hated by many celebrity's but loved by the public. At first, I had a love hate relationship with him, he was funny, at times rude, and controversial but whatever.. freedom of speech right?

Now, I am fully annoyed with him and his stupidity. He calls stars out for basking in their celebrity, yet.. he is doing this himself. He is more focused on his celebrity, that his blog is suffering. He reports news WAY to late, or reports things now that people have known for a long time.... but, what really irks me is his need to "gossip" about politics. What irks me more is his liberal bias. Now, before we get started, I really don't judge people on their political affiliation and I KNOW that not everyone is like the stereotype of their political party.. cause I really am not. However, I hate the UBER liberals.. especially the ones who don't know what they are talking about. It's not just his blatant attack on republicans and Fox that bother me as much..as when it's a Democrat or CNN who makes a mistake... he never acknowledges it.

I REALLY started getting upset with him when he attacked Bristol Palin for saying being a teen mom is hard. Literally, she said that her life was hard and that she had to work and Perez turned it on her saying that she was whiny and didn't want her child and how hypocritical of her to give abstinence speeches. REALLY?! What.. should she lie and say " Hey kids, being a mom is SO easy.. I recommend you all have unprotected sex..." Fuck. Just because, she was honest and said it was hard, doesn't mean she doesn't love her child.

Today, though pushed me over the edge when he decided to blog about how other states are thinking of making immigration laws like Arizona and how it promotes racism. Btw, this makes me want to say "Well we shouldn't have gay marriage, cause it promotes AIDS" (He is gay btw) Which obviously it doesn't... their is not correlation between gay marriage and aids. I also, support gay marriage for future reference. Just like the immigration laws, have nothing to do with racism. READ the fucking law! This pisses me off.. It is ALREADY ILLEGAL to be here without a green card.. so what is wrong with us enforcing it?! Plus, what part of ILLEGAL don't these people get? Especially, all those jobs that illegal immigrants have could go to all the US citizens who don't have jobs.

He just pisses me off. Stick to your gossip blog.. stick with what you know.

Jun 25, 2010

Help Fight Cancer

Hey Everyone....

I was on my cousin's facebook today and I saw this posted. I don't really know the details, or the actual people, but I know the facts. There is a baby, with cancer and a family, that needs help. I know.. at some point in our lives we will all be affected my cancer in some way and I know this is asking you to do something for someone you don't even know, and I know it's common for people to donate something to a cancer foundation. However, this money goes directly to helping this one specific family. Again, I know... they aren't the only people who have children with cancer.. but, if you could find it in your hearts to help that would be great = )

Here is the note from the babies Uncle..

"This is yet another one of the ideas I came up while feeling useless while basically stuck down in the Bay Area. I spent my evening designing some shirts on cafepress.com and making 10 shops in which to sell them on the site. The way the sites work are as follows: Cafepress has a base price for each product (all shirts in this case) and I've then set a markup price (in all cases $5.00) above the base price. This markup price is basically the profit made on each profit. So for each shirt purchased, I will take that $5.00 profit and forward it on to Jenny and Dave to help cover any costs or needs they or Ben have right now that are not covered by insurance. I'm including the links to each of the ten shops below along with brief descriptions. If you have suggestions or requests for either new designs, new products within a shop, or new color combos please let me know. Just as an FYI, because Ben's parents are UO grads, Beaver color requests will not be accommodated. Also, please pass this on to other people I haven't tagged to raise support for Baby Ben, Jenny, and Dave.

Ben's Uncle Jake"

These are the Shirts = )

The Link: http://www.cafepress.com/IRWCDeluxe

The Link: http://www.cafepress.com/IRWCH

The Link: http://www.cafepress.com/IRWC

The Link: http://www.cafepress.com/BBGD

The Link: http://www.cafepress.com/BSFightsCancer

The Link: http://www.cafepress.com/EffCancer1

The Link: http://www.cafepress.com/FECKCancer

The Link: http://www.cafepress.com/HCEffU

The shirts come in all different colors,sizes and styles.. These are just a sample of what the different sayings could be.... Please take time out of your day to help out. I know Brandon and I will be = )

Jun 18, 2010

Comment posting is currently down!

UPDATE: All fixed! =)

Bare with me, as I am trying my best to figure out why people, including myself and Kelsey, cannot post comments with the new layout. As soon as I get it fixed, I will update this post!

Jun 17, 2010

Opposites Attract

Morning! Although, for me it is still night time, since I have yet gone to bed.... I was watching Bethanny Getting Married? on Bravo! Which, since I'm sure this mainly read by male viewers... you have no idea what I am talking about. Anyways, she is this New York businesswoman who is known for being on Bravo!'s Real Housewives of NYC. (Addicting show). Now she is has this new show of hers about her being engaged and being pregnant and life. So, today's episode was about how opposite her and her fiance truly are and how hard that is to adjust too but how it really balances things out. For her she never grew up with a lot of family and friends and for her fiance he grew up always doing things with his family and always having a lot of friends around. So, being the girl I am I naturally compared this; to Brandon and I's relationship.

See.. I grew up with a very tight knit family..on both ends. Holiday's were with family, birthday's were with family and than on top of that I was always extremely social and always doing things with friends. and Brandon is the complete opposite. He doesn't do a lot of family things and care about a lot of family things. Which at times worries me, cause I hope it isn't that way when we have our own family and it has been a struggle now, for us to understand each other. Family is a HUGE part of my life and I really believe that no matter what goes on in your life family will always be there for you. Unfortunately, although... Brandon's family loves him.. He wasn't raised that way. So, when family events come along it becomes a struggle.. because for my family and I... we drop whatever is going on to be together and for Brandon it's more if it fits into his schedule. So in out relationship that is a challenge.

However, at the end of the day. We love each other and we try and respect each other differences and let it build our relationship. Our differences in life, really make us a great couple. Anyways. This was just something that was on my mind.. sorry boys for the sappy-ness.

Jun 15, 2010

Customers.. and Customer Service

Working at Safeway is not the only job that has this "problem". I have friends, Kelsey being one of them, who are or have been waiters/waitresses, and they have to put up with rude customers - even if it's not their fault at all. Honestly, that is lack of common courtesy on the customers part. Arguments that will be made are "Well I'm paying for your service, so I should get what I asked for" or "This is your job, you're getting paid, deal with it.". Honestly, that is completely rude, and you should really think twice before making those assumptions.

Currently, I work at Safeway as a courtesy clerk, also known as a "bagger". It's the lowest job known in any grocery business so I get overlooked a lot, which is quite annoying. Just for example, there are a lot of horrible courtesy clerks who don't care about their job and just show up and do their work half ass. So, since their job entitles them to bag groceries half the time, they don't pay attention and they bag groceries the exact opposite you should (ex: eggs & bread at the bottom). That reflects on me and every other hard working courtesy clerk. That isn't the only annoying part about it.. Since it happens so often, customers expect me to not know anything about my own job, so they try to tell me how to do it, which i hate. Since working at Safeway is all about world class service, I obviously can't back talk or be sarcastic with the customer, so I have to basically smile and agree with them, no matter how rude they are being to me. -- That's Bullshit.

This brings me to my next topic of discussion.. my main topic. I personally feel that everyone should have to go through some kind of work, or training.. something where they have to deal with and practice world class service. For example: If everyone were to be a waiter/waitress at one point in time in their life, they would know exactly how hard it is and when a customer is rude to you, it doesn't make it any easier or less stressful. Do people not realize that they are being rude? Or do they really just not care? Basically, I think it people were to experience the other end, it would be a lot different and overall, help the matter.

On a side note - I also believe every (capable) 18 year old males (females are optional) should have to attend boot camp in at least one military branch. I am not saying they would have to enlist. I am saying they should have to attend the boot camp process, and then, after boot camp, they can choose to enlist into the military or go home back to their previous lives. Why do I think this? For a few reasons.. Number one: It would make our men and women more productive in the work field and it would create hard working American citizens. I personally can say I was a lazy punk kid before I enlisted into the Marine Corps. After boot camp, I had a completely different look on life and productivity. Now, I believe myself to be a very hard working, determined young man who is hungry for success. Imagine if all young men and women were like that.. the world would grow at a much faster rate. I know a lot of people would not agree with me on this topic, but blogging is for opinions. That is what this is, an opinion.

Alright, well if you're reading this, I am extremely interested in reading your replies/thoughts. I love a good debate, so please don't ruin it with vulgar comments towards anyone. Thanks!

Jun 14, 2010

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"


This is my first time posting on this blog... Brandon has been bugging me FOREVER about posting on here.. I haven't because I haven't felt I have had anything worthy to say. That is kinda of how I run my other blog.. no deadline of when I need to post a blog.. I just blog when an idea comes to me. Ideas also tend to come to me at night, when I do most of my thinking....

So, tonight I was sitting on my bed/couch and sewing a bag (which is WAY overdue to be done) and I was thinking about people being Gay and coming out of the closest. Many things have sparked this thought... I was talking to someone about KNOWING someone is gay yet, they haven't come out.. and than I was watching Holly's World on E! and this guy was making fun of this other guy for being gay and the guy was gay said " only god can judge you" SO. This got my brain into a frenzy.

1st being... coming out. Have you ever heard or said to someone " god, I'd wished he's come out already!" I think it is interesting how their are some people who no matter how much they try to hide it, you KNOW they are gay. It's the things, they do or say, etc. So, even though we know it and hopefully THEY have already figured it out. I was thinking about how "coming out" is a BIG and personal step for most people and how we as outsiders should NEVER push it. When the time is right they will do it.

So.. after thinking about that it brought me to my 2nd thought of.. "Only God Can Judge You". Which is true. I see nothing wrong with being gay and I refuse to believe that there is anything EVER saying it is wrong. We are all gods creations and I believe as long as we don't seriously HURT anyone, we will be loved and accepted by him. That being said... I am a Republican. Therefore, I am commonly accused of being homophobic, ignorant and all those other horrible things you hear. I support the gay community and most importantly I support gay rights and gay marriage. On a lighter tone.... if someone, is aloud to marry their pets and inanimate objects.. than we should let men marry men and women marry women ... at least keep it in the same species!

Now my thoughts came to the repealing "don't ask, don't tell".. this has kind of been an issue that I had not originally really formed an opinion about and I don't know if I still have... I believe that people who are gay, should be aloud, to join the military and that they should not be kicked out for it.. however, at the same time I still in the literal sense believe in "Don't ask, Don't Tell" and MAINLY I believe in that as protective measure. Just generalizing and not saying that it is right but most military men given their background and upbringing and AGAIN I EMPHASIS.. I'm just generalizing and I'm not saying ALL.. have not been brought up with the acceptance of homosexuality.. So, for their protection... I think it should stay in place.. but changed? I don't know. That is just what I think.

Just in general I believe that they are humans and their deserved the rights that we do. My 2 biggest problems are that there is a separation between church and state and that people do not do that when they are voting on these issues. People use their religion on why someone should not be aloud basic human rights. My 2nd issue is that I truly believe Obama failed the gay community. I am not saying that my side of politics has done anything great for the gay community, but one thing I hoped Obama would have succeeded in, is helping the gay community and he has failed. I hope sometime, in the nearest future. Someone comes along and give them the rights they deserve.

I apologize if their are any spelling or grammar errors, that is the one flaw to my blogging at 1:30 am... my brain cannot fully function.

Jun 13, 2010

LANchamp - For The Gamers

Round one Best of Three Maps:
de_dust2, de_train, de_inferno

The Last Resort vs Area51 East
The Last Resort is coming into this match fresh off a huge victory in the last LANchamp held in Los Angeles. They are arguably the best NA Source team to date at the moment. Area51 East has a few talented players that have I personally have played against, being Joshua "Daemos" Hayes, Dawson "Waxxt" Coffey and Nicolas "Dutch" Vanderlinden. However, I have a few sources saying that Dutch will not be playing, which is kind of an upset for me. I think if TLR doesn't take Area51 lightly, which I'm pretty sure they will not, they will win in two maps with ease. Sam "DaZed" Marine and Carey "frozt" Kertenian will rack up kills with their AWPs while Adam "xperience" Leonard and Ryan "ryan" Romba do the dirty up close work with their rifles. Look out for some good, unexpected clutches from Waxxt and Daemos.

The Last Resort > Area51 East (2-0)
PTW - Sam "DaZed" Marine
PTW -  Joshua "Daemos" Hayes

Jun 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions..

So, I received an email today about counter-strike. My old team, GenerationX (GX) is being invited to play in an online/lan tournament for $10,000. The people that run these tournaments take the top 16 teams in their eyes and invite them to compete in online play and the top four teams travel to their pre-selected LAN center to compete for the money. Last time we competed in this was a few months ago, and we placed 5th, barely losing the the team that beat us. That wasn't such a hard decision to make when deciding to compete or not because they pre-selected LAN center was in Los Angeles. This time around, it is in Baltimore, MD. My issue would be a flight ticket cost of course, if we even make it to top four.

Here is the bracket for those that are furthermore interested. Of course, we accepted the invitation and if you look hard enough, you will see [GX] on the bottom left of the bracket. Considering every single one of my teammates don't play the game anymore, we are clearly the underdogs here in the bracket.

However, there are some good notes to the timing. The online portion of the tournament start June 14th and ends July 1st. The timing couldn't be anymore perfect because it is right before I move down south. So that is a huge plus. If we were to make it to the LAN part (top four), I have no idea how I will afford the plane ticket (and I will bet Kelsey would want to come, so that's two tickets). On top of that, I will be working (hopefully...) and being new to a job, it isn't so good to ask for time off so soon of employment.

Basically, I am going to attend to the online part of the tournament and play my heart out. The decision making will come around when/if we make it to the final four. I'll provide updates as time goes on..

Jun 11, 2010


As of Monday the 7th, I have decided to finally move down south to look for work down there so I can be a lot closer to Kelsey. I tried getting a job transfer from Safeway to Vons, but it is taking way too long, so I've decided to just give my two week notice a week from today so I can drive down the week of July 5th. I decided to wait a week for my two weeks because Kelsey is flying up for the 4th of July and instead of having her fly back down, she can drive down with me on moving day.

My game plan is to get at least two jobs ASAP. I will definitely talk with Vons about re-hiring me just to bring in a weekly pay check. I will also be looking for another part time job on top of that. Meanwhile, I will be applying to the Electrician Union so I can take their placement test and be listed on their "list" for a possible career. We'll see as time goes by, where the days take me :). Hopefully I am not rushing this too fast, I really hope everything works out for Kelsey and I.

Just a few updates for those that read!

Jun 9, 2010

"Help us build the future of Facebook" questioner

Link to questioner

I saw that on my Facebook home page and decided that I wanted to participate in this. Normally, I wouldn't want to, but since I got into it, I then decided to make this blog site for myself. Hopefully someone will read and enjoy my opinions. Lets see how long it lasts :). Here are my submitted questions and answers:

Question 1: Why get married at a young age?

Answer 1: It is good to get married at a younger age because marriage promotes happiness. Living your life married to the person whom you love with all of your heart is the best feeling in the world. There is never any loneliness because you have your best friend by your side experiencing life with you. Of course there is the argument that people aren't yet mature until after their mid twenty's, but who is to say that is a fact? People will also say that marriage promotes fighting, with the main reason being money. I like to think of this this way - I have my best friend to help me experience life. There will always be "fighting" or "arguing" when it comes to money, no matter how old you are. On a personal note, I am extremely happier with my loved one next to me in life and I would never go back and do anything different. I think it's good, opposed to bad, to get married at a young age because overall it makes the couples bond stronger and both people are truly happy. You can never overuse "I Love you".

Question 2: Why are people against our Military and/or Law Enforcement?

Answer 2: There are so many people that are so against our Military and/or Law Enforcement. Why? They can say that some abuse their power. However, no matter what it is, there is always a few bad seeds. That still doesn't make any sense to why people scold our country's defense. It frustrates me when I hear people talking bad about our Military or Police officers. Not only did 'We The People' give them the power to the things they are aloud to do, but they continuously risk their lives night and day to protect our lives. People don't really understand what they have to go through to be serving our country. It takes so much more than the average person might believe. I know this, because I am a United States Marine, injured in combat training, now a veteran of the United States. The public dislikes our military and/or Law enforcement mainly because they see a video or article here and there and most people just look at it and convince themselves, including everyone around them, that everyone in the Country's Defense is like that. That is not true. People of America need to learn to respect the men and women of our Military and Law enforcement. Until they start defending our country and our Constitution, they have no right to bash the men and women to do, in my opinion.

Question 3: Why is gaming so underrated in the US?

Answer 3: Gaming is so underrated in the United States because most people over look the idea of playing video games for money, or as a "sport". In Europe, gaming is played for money, sometimes salary. The United States almost had their chance back in 2007 when the Championship Gaming Series(CGS) came to the public and started paying top gamers and top gaming teams in specific games salary and having year based tournaments for a lot of money. It took off for a few years, and then collapsed due to lack of support from 3rd party sponsors. Gaming takes a lot of fast reaction time, patience, teamwork and skill. Being a "retired semi-professional gamer" I have put countless hours into one specific game known as Counter-Strike:Source. I have played for multiple top teams in the most commonly known leagues for online play, and have traveled all over California and competed on LAN play and placed top 3 many times. It is more than just moving your mouse and clicking. You have four other teammates (in this game specifically) and you have to not only agree on one strategy, but you have to manage all 5 of the peoples money system, which is based on kills and rounds won. There are a lot of things that go into gaming that you wouldn't know unless you played competitively. The feeling you get when you do something good and hearing your four other teammates cheer you on is only witnessed by a true gamer themselves. You won't know unless you get into the gaming scene. It's indescribable. So, why is it so underrated? Is it because of the weight problem in America? I think not. I have played for over 6 years.. I am not overweight.. It's the lack of supporters and lack of sponsorships. Gaming should be considered a sport. The sooner the US recognizes that, the sooner we will see a different talent flood the states.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first ever recorded blog post!

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