About Kelsey

My name is Kelsey Elizabeth Thomas. I am twenty-one years old living the life in LA and I couldn't be happier. I am engaged and in love to the best man, a woman could ask for. I attend school at Los Angeles Valley College and I'm a Psych Major. My goal is to do well enough to attend USD. I have big dreams and plan on being successful in life. I'm a walking contradiction, who LOVES Disney and is really opinionated. I have many weird fears a phobias. I am optimistic and pessimistic. Just Depends on the situation, Calculated Risks..I admire the way kids look at life.. they haven't been jaded yet. I Enjoy Preforming, but I doubt my Talents. I wonder what I look like, through other peoples Eyes. I over-analyze EVERYTHING, especially Myself. I have been Told I am a "Renaissance Girl". I'm into Politics and History. I'm A Nerd. I think History is the most beautiful and fascinating thing. I find Beauty in the most random things. I am Easily amused. One Day I will Own a pet duck. I Can Be Extremely Empathetic... but I'm Not A Bleeding Heart. I wouldn't be what you say an "intellectual" but usually I surprise people with how smart I can be. But we all have our "dumb moments". I like to do things my own way. Although, I have found myself to be a stickler for manners and traditions. I am such a complex yet simple person.

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