Jan 18, 2011

Addicting game of the week: Desert Rifle 2

QiGames comes out with Desert Rifle 2 and I honestly had me playing for a few hours at least. You have weapons, bullets, land mines and you have to stop your enemies in their tracks! As you progress and earn more money, you can upgrade your weapons, buy more ammo, and buy more land mines. The enemies get tougher as you go along your quest to dominate all combatants.

The best advice that can be given is whenever you reload, drag your mouse down so your guy will take cover and you cannot be shot until the enemy is extremely close. Use land mines as much as possible, especially for the tanks. Aim for the head ands you will kill the enemy a lot faster, but that is a given for any shooter game. The game is really easy once you get some of the better weapons. If you like games like this, it is extremely addicting, so make sure you have an hour or so to spare!

You can play Desert Rifle 2 at Addicting games Here
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