Dec 26, 2010

Just A Thought....

I just read on a blog that Hugh Hefner and his newest girlfriend of 2 years Crystal have gotten engaged this Christmas Eve..... Now, don't hate me..  but I have a problem with this.. and it just came to my mind.

My problem isn't the 60 year age difference, or the fact that she could be a gold digger (which I don't think she is). My problem is.. and like I said don't hate on me.. it is just a thought. My problem is why would this poor girl put herself in this situation again? In case you didn't know Crystal's last boyfriend was a marine and died in Iraq. Hugh Hefner is 84 and although he appears healthy.. lets face it.. he's probably got 10 years left in him maybe 20 if he is lucky... So, to put that on yourself is a lot in my opinion.. then again if it really and truly is love it wouldn't really matter I guess and if you want to be the Cynics.. then maybe she did the math in her head and realized if he dies in 10 years she will only be 34 and still have plenty of years ahead of her to get married and have kids.

I also feel bad for Holly Madison his last #1 girlfriend.. I feel bad for ... first I believe she really did love Heff and she was with him for 7 years. However, I understand that after 7 years with Heff and he didn't want marriage or kids.. Holly had to cut ties with him.. so it must suck to know after 2 years with Crystal he proposed to her. I wonder how she feels? I'm sure she will say she is happy for Heff and thinks Crystal is a great girl.. but I'm curious how she really feels.. cause being a girl.. even if you are happy for them.. even if you are over them.. stuff like that brings up old memories and makes a get a little crazy in the emotional department. Point is, it has got to sting a little.

This blog was kind of pointless, but when I read they were engaged.. this is what came to mind for me. Now, for those who think I am being mean, rude or dumb.. I am not.. I actually respect Hugh Hefner, Playboy and his long lineage of girlfriends.. Just was a thought.

Dec 4, 2010

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