Jul 31, 2010

OG Lan in Chino Hills

Today I am off to Chino Hills for another west lan hoping that it will be a good turnout! I will try to give live as soon as I possibly can, but we are still unsure about if we will be aloud to use internet or not. If for some reason we cannot, I will get a hold of Heather "sapphiRe" and she will post as the tournament goes on. Enjoy!

Info: www.ogtournaments.com

Jul 19, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby, OH!

Good Ole' Justin Bieber...ha

My Newest Obsessions are Baby Boutiques, Baby Shopping, Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Pregnant People In General,Baby Showers, Bethanny Getting Married (she's also Pregnant), etc.

Notice are Trend... Yup. BABIES.
No No No... I'm not pregnant and don't plan on getting pregnant till I'm 25...
However, this is a weird and to most people alarming Obsession that I have...I can't explain it really... (I think I will continue on with this topic in my other blog)

Now, this may offend some people, but.. I really love Teen Pregnancies mainly for the fact that they are USUALLY a train wreck that you cannot help but watch. I love it. I love judging them and laughing and them and overall thinking "You're a Dumbass".. Now, Are ALL teen moms like this? NO. BUT... for arguments sake.. most are.

Statistics with teen pregnancies...
- Didn't use protection / Some are uneducated on sex and Protection
- Most teen moms will not finish high school or attend college
- Most will end up on welfare
- The father usually doesn't stick around (ok, I added that one in, but it's true)
- Teen Pregnancy is on the rise
- Children of Teen Moms most likely will become teen mothers themselves or end up in prison (seriously)

So, this brings me to the REAL Topic. Sex Education. Two shows come into mind when I think about this topic. Baby High and The Pregnancy Pact (based on a True Story.
Baby High was a special MTV did on teen mothers who attend a special high school, so they can succeed in their life goals. Most People would frown upon this and I'll be honest I was skeptical about it; until I watched the show. The school has a special daycare for the kids, a clinic so the girls who are attending that are pregnant can be taken care of and so that girls receive birth control..etc.., the school also has parenting classes.. as well as regular high school classes. At The end all these girls ended up getting into college and getting their High School Diploma. So, I was impressed by the school.

A lot of people would argue that this type of school would only glamorize pregnancy but I think it would help those who already "messed" up. I don't think messed up is the right word but the only word I could think of. Basically it helps them succeed when they probably otherwise wouldn't have.

Than There is the Pregnancy Pact, Which took place in a small catholic town in Massachusetts, I believe... Maybe Maine. Anyways, these young high school girls all made a pact to get pregnant. If you know anything about the catholic religion than you know that they are against birth control. Meaning.. most parents never had the sex talk with their children assuming they weren't going to have sex until marriage, sex-ed and birth control weren't aloud at the school, BUT the school did have a daycare for it students. So, the girls were more so, under the impression that it wasn't a big deal, that having a baby would be like playing house and that they could still go to school and have a normal teenage life. A lot of these girls even smoked and drank during there pregnancies because they were not educated.

My opinion is that Sex education, child development and birth control should be aloud at schools and parents should educate their children on the consequences and allow their children (females) to go on birth control. Will teens still get pregnant? Yes. But, the more teens are educated and the more the understand the choices they are making.. than the less this issue will happen.

Do You Agree?

Jul 16, 2010

Do Me A Favor Yea?

Ok, guys this is kinda trivial I know.. but I found this new site called Fashion Bay which I love... You get quality items for cheap.. EXTREMELY cheap.. It kinda works like ebay.. but you have to earn bids.. I get 10 bids for every person who adds. For anyone who has a Girlfriend this site will be your Best friend.. and even better if you are a girl lol. Please help but clicking on this link and joining... It's FREE to join btw.



Jul 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

"This is a great holiday and it honors our great nation. Independence Day. The 4th of July. This is perhaps, the most celebrated family holiday other than Thanksgiving and Christmas and that's appropriate. Because the 4th of July is all about our families. Our nation declared its independence in order for our families to live free – not just for one generation but for future generations."                                      

Everyone! Stay safe, have fun and enjoy your time with your family and friends! Keep praying for our soldiers that are away from home and could not make it back for the holiday, we are always thinking of them and we thank them with all of our hearts! Happy 4th of July to each of you. May you continue to celebrate our freedom, in freedom.

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